Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Megazine 203: til death do us part

So mr gibson…who are you supposed to be parodying in this episode of judge dredd? Cilla black maybe a good few years after people knew of her? Or Davina McCall? Either way this is the marriage game and this is the return of walter the wobot and mrs gunderson.

Kinda appropriate this is my valentines entry. So this is a mega city dating game in which a lucky prospective bachelor gets a chance to win a marriage to a lucky woman and our fave eldster and wisping wobot are there to cheer on a man called Troy…who works at mrs gundersons house of horrors as judge death….

Ever since Gunderson opened up her home for the tourists the actor she always gets to play judge death goes mental and kills people….

Which is of course what happens to troy as he claws and bites at his prospective brides, and of course Dredd shows up and does what he does best.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

1325: Day of the dead

That caballistics cover is gorgeous isn’t it? Yeah I mention it now as this update concerns one story and thus caballistics does not get a look in this time.

Sinister Dexter goes through what is at first glance a silly mini story in relode. After returning from their space adventure it appears that their ship has taken them back in time by accident. Through a series of shenanigans they run into characters long dead by this point in the series and of course they run into themselves also…

By the end of this story they find out that this isn’t the past it’s a parallel universe and thus sows the seeds for a long drawn out storyline which only just apparently ended in prog 2012 (and even then we are still not sure if its truly over with yet)

It’s a very silly story and taken out of context with the long build-up it began its kind of pointless.

Next time

A shocking turn of events happened in Slaine this prog…WHAT WAS IT and what future revertabrations does it have for the series? Find out next slog!