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1362: Let the pain begin!

                                                              Theres nothing quite like…

God do I have to do this? My original intention to do stuff all month was to burn through some of this shit. But doing it in a lump is causing me severe brain pain. I have tried to add some other odds and sods to lessen the pain but it is still there.

So this is the Autumn offensive and man is that an understatement. I am sure I will likely go through these fully in future episodes. In one case a four minute rant of sobbing and odd anime clips…yep the daily hate is returning and its not Sinnamon who is getting the treatment!

So we have Durham red on the first part of her farewell (sorta) tour. The aforementioned Sinnamon written and drawn by the same team as that abortion which was covered in the first Daily Hate. And Dead Men walking…

Also on Dredd we have the baffling return of Dean ormston on a story which could have easily been a future shock minus the Dredd elements and still would have stayed the same. So we’ve got a group of Juves who want to get into the “in club” and speed to get there. Dredd executes them all for speeding and we find out the in club is an afterlife club and…this is stupid even me typing it is stupid…

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210: Let's go to Wok

Let’s go to Wok…insultingly racist or awesome? You decide! So yeah we are onto part two Gordon Rennies three part “backdoor pilot in disguise” Judge Dredd stories with personally what I thought turned out to be the weakest of the three characters.

Judge Dredd heads to Hong Tong to try to stop a perp running racket and is forced to join forces with peoples justice ministry inspector Liu Chan Yeun better known as Johnny Woo

I do love Johnny’s description of Dredd however as a notorious war criminal and capitalist oppressor assassin. The white ghost called Dredd I got a chuckle out of that due to it being so darn accurate it hurts…

Judge Death Bullshit alert: The guy who famous puts his hand into peoples chest and squeezes their hearts uses a sawn off shotgun…yeah…

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Zenith: Mandala part 1

For your enjoyment? A supremly rare annual story featuring the character of Peter saint John from Zenith

Monday, 6 August 2012

1360: Hell Bound

Leviathan, a ship containing over 28,000 passengers. It’s almost like a huge city rather than a ship. The ship never reached its destination and the whereabouts of the mighty ship is unknown. Which leads us into the story bearing the name of the ship.

Detective sergeant lament (who bares a slight resemblance to David Jason’s character Inspector Frost) investigates ritualistic murders on the ship and finds out the horrible truth of their endless journey. The architect of the ship had bound a demon called Hastur within the bowels of the ship. The demon makes a deal with Lament. Freedom for both of them…

The trapped souls are freed and the ship finally reaches its destination. Almost killing Bert and Ernie expies at the same time.

A wonderful one off storyline which funnily enough continues to have elements of it present in the prog be it several one off tales of Leviathan or several references in other strips such as red seas and Ampney crucis investigates.

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1359: Land of the Rising Sin

Sinister Dexter go on a desperate rescue mission in order to save their friend Wendy Go after she is kidnapped just before her wedding. This causes some trouble for the boys as their appearance there threatens to end Finnigans ex wife Carrie Hosanas reign as queen of the underworld.

You see she had faked their deaths in Mission to Mangapore (covered way back...) and their appearance amongst the living is being used as a tool by rival ganglord shinzen in order to usurp the Gaijin who had stolen his rightful throne.

A great story which shows Sinister Dexter did do some good sometimes...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Batman: The animated Series: On leather wings

Story:  a half-bat/half-human creature flies past a police blimp, breaks into the fourth floor of Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, and assaults a security guard before stealing assorted chemicals from the laboratories. This is the latest in a series of such break-ins at pharmaceutical companies. The report from the blimp and the wounded security guard leads Detective Harvey Bullock to petition Mayor Hamilton Hill for a special task force designed to eliminate the strange "Batman" that has appeared around the city. Commissioner James Gordon objects, stating that the police are already on the case, but the mayor grants the request and D.A. Harvey Dent promises Bullock immunity. In the days following the Phoenix break-in, Bruce Wayne as Batman investigates the robberies. Gaining entrance to the crime scene by dosing the guarding police officer with knock-out gas, Batman attracts the attention of Bullock, who arrives at the scene with his special force.

Batman, investigating, discovers an audio tape of the creature as well as some hair samples. which he takes to the Bat Exhibit at the Gotham Zoo. There he meets a married couple on staff, Drs. Kirk and Francine Langstrom, and Francine's father, Dr. March. Dr. March seems quite obsessed with bats, which he insists are the only creatures able to survive the next evolutionary cataclysm, while humans aren't.
As Bruce Wayne, Batman asks the zoologists to analyze the evidence from the crime scene, passing it off as a pest problem at Wayne Manor.
In the Batcave, the Bat-Computer has failed to match either the sounds or the hairs with any species known to man. Dr. March calls back and gives a perfectly plausible scientific explanation: the hairs are from a common brown bat, while the sounds are actually a mixture of sounds from the bats and a nest of starlings in the chimney. The only problem is, the explanation is false, given the Bat-Computer's inability to find a match. Batman concludes that March is lying, and the zoo staff are somehow involved.

 Later that night, Batman enters the zoo laboratory and finds Kirk Langstrom working alone. Working from his father-in-law's theories, Kirk has created a formula that temporarily transforms him into the Man-Bat. Kirk has become addicted to the formula, to the point where he thinks of the Man-Bat as its own independent being, taking the necessary steps to continue its existence—i.e., stealing the chemicals necessary to keep making the formula. Now that he has destroyed Batman's evidence, Kirk is only one component away from a formula that will make the transformation permanent—but Batman has interrupted the process.

 Kirk finally transforms and attacks. In the fight, the Man-Bat drags Batman through the sky across half of Gotham. Both of them fly past Gotham Air One, allowing Gordon and Bullock to see that the Man-Bat and Batman were, in fact, two different people. Batman manages to subdue the Man-Bat. Taking him to the Batcave, he analyzes the chemical makeup of the formula and reverses the transformation. He then delivers an unconscious but fully-restored Kirk to his grateful wife.

worth a look?

Its importance as the first ever dcau episode aside its...not exactly good...I mean seeing the beastmaster himself voice Langstrom is good for a laugh and the violence is quite brutal for this show but other than that its not exactly a strong opening to the series...

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1358: adventures in shameless advertising (and the crap covers they spawn)

Just look at that cover….just let it sink in for a moment. This was during the time the rather lackluster Dredd vs. death was coming out and just like many tie ins its rather awful…to show you the full awfulness (and to pad out a short entry heres some other awful tie ins from 2000ads marketing department.

 (In case you thought even the mighty bolland cannot fail heres proof where you are so wrong!)
                       (You just cannot tell they drew the figures as reference in the past two can you?)
                                                    (No not you too Kev....)

Well enough of that nonsense...Anyway lets ignore those covers now and actively despise tharg for such shameless promotion and look at the judge Dredd episode this prog and just marvel at the insanity within and how ironic it is that I cover it...

This…is a Judge Dredd/Nikolai Dante crossover with a heavy referencing to the apocalypse war and the former Sov bloc as a whole. Drawn by Simon Fraser…

I am not even kidding about that…

I…think my brain has just exploded with awesome

Check out the full story of this bizarre episode in Too cool to kill part 15

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

209: Road Kill

There’s nothing quite like a….wait WAUGH is still running?!?

Yes Devlin Waugh and the reprints of Darkies mob continue…we okay darkie will be leaving next episode but Waugh will be around until the next relaunch issue!!!!

Okay lets ignore that for now and check out the new stories within these pages. We have cover boy Judge Death returning in a sequal to the infamous “throw Anderson off a roof as punishment for the monkey story” series known as My name is Death. He is now on the loose in the cursed earth and will within the next few months will be built up as a legitima….bwah-ha-ha-ha…sorry can’t keep that up. If the sight of Death on a buggy does not tip you off as to what will come then keep your eyes peeled as I will chronicle the complete ruination of Death….

Elsewhere this issue two new series Xtinct and yet another pilot by Gordon rennie appears in judge dredd. Also returning is a much welcome repeat for harry Twenty on the high rock and a return appearance of the banditti vendetta but we’ll cover those stories in later entries.

August Insanity!

Everyday this month expect a brand new entry every single day!

and if thats not enough I will doing reviews of a certain cartoon series in the style of my too cool to kill entries (I will likely be putting those up here soon too)

which Cartoon series I hear you wonder?

you'll find out soon...

next bat time, next bat channel.

(or look at the tabs)

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updated entries no 1

These entries have been now changed to written ones. 1249 still has its original video because for the full telguuth experience you need it read out by a stuttering scotsman

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entries will be sparse for a few weeks

while back ago I decided to replace those awful video reviews with some written episodes. I am planning to do this now.

So for the next few weeks I will be replacing the video entires (I will keep the killing time one as I am proud of that one) and deleteing the videos forever!

this means that new entires will be one a week at best until the written ones are all done.

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1357: The Descent has begun (or been going on for weeks...)

Why do I keep doing this to myself? This is what three entries now where the main story I cover (and let’s make this clear if you haven’t realized by now…I usually cover only the cover story when talking about 2000ad) is utter irredeemably crap. Okay irredeemably is strong as far as this story and the Dredd one covered last entry goes they both at least have good art.

This story is from grace. It is the story of Kaith, leader of a tribe of winged people who share an uneasy existence with a much larger population that is wingless. It is set in a wasteland and the entire narrative is about Kaiths descent into being a complete bastard.

The problem for me is Kaith is too much of a bastard. There’s some genuinely shocking moments and the art is amazing. But you just never care for anyone in the story and it just makes it feel like a five part future shock.

Maybe it’s just me though as this story has been reprinted and it does have its fans though….

I really need to go back to the Meg and find a decent story to write about. This is seriously killing me…

Next: Judge Death rides again! Err yay?

Monday, 9 July 2012

1356: Last Rites

Grant Goggans fave prog!

I kid Grant, seriously though this is something I have been dredding to cover. Not quite Repo-mex bad but god…repo mex wasn’t written by John Wagner.

Let’s start with the awful cover. I gave Charlie Adlard stick recently during my ongoing look back at Nikolai Dante on the everything comes back to 2000ad blog. But he is a good artist. I like the walking dead and some of his other 2000ad work (barring some awful early Meg stuff) is wonderful. But look at that cover…

He does the inside art which is nice but John Wagners plot for this story hurts it. Dredd is trying to save his niece Vienna from some devil worshippers but is tricked when Vienna reveals she has been brainwashed to be one of them. Now as the cover shows Dredd is tied to a rock and is being prepared to be sacrificed.

Head baddie is possessed by a demon and I am not sure if it’s me but I really…don’t like supernatural stuff in the Dredd strip. It just feels off, I wonder if that’s why I don’t like Anderson…

Anyway head demon raises his knife ready to stab and God strikes him down!

I am not kidding god friggin fries him with lightning and Dredd quips that someone up there likes me! He takes down the rest of the cult and ends the story wangsting about Vienna…

I hate doing this blog sometimes…I hope next issue has something decent…

Next: falling from grace….shit

Friday, 22 June 2012

208: The worst strip in the Galaxy...

Okay deep breath it’s only been like two weeks….yeesh…


Bato loco has his own strip now he started off as a bit character in a dredd strip and managed to get his own strip. A similar fate would happen to two more of Gordon Rennies characters but I am sure we’ll talk about them in the future.

Carlito Argarra is known as Bato loco the crazy guy. He is trying to make creds but continues to face up to the might of the mobs and the judges but this issue faces his most dangerous foe. His girlfriend who may be even crazier than he is!

A fun series which will return and I welcome it….which is a nice segue way into the reason this entry has been postponed so much…

Now before I say this I like David Bishop. He has written wonderful things in particular the Nikolai Dante Novels which I am rereading for my too cool to kill series for Everything comes back to 2000ad he contributed to the dredd audios from big finish which should be re-released for the movie and he wrote thrill power overload which I have gushed about in the past. Heck I even like some of his more maligned strips from the past Straitjacket fits was fun, had no place in the Meg but it was fun!

This however…oh god this…

The editorial spins Repomex as a new strip they are proud to present and wish for people to let them know if they wish to see more…

Kind of stinks of desperation as if they knew they had a clunker but decided to slip it in anyway.

Anyway let’s try to talk about this strip. So there’s this hotel and a bellhop is seduced by a sex-mech but it turns out he is being set up as he is led into a hotel room and is then attacked by criminals. Turns out the sex-mech is some kind of bounty hunter and something?

And it ends with the bellhop being forced into being a repomex which is apparently the worst job in the galaxy?

I am sorry I really do not like this story. If I was still doing videos this would merit a daily hate of its own it’s that bad…

I am just glad it’s over I mean there won’t be a strip in the future worse than this right?

Err right?

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This new entry is taking much longer to write than expected...sorry

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

1354: Slime to die!

 Note: Next meg entry has been pushed to friday due to insanity leaked brainage due to a certain strip...I hoped to battle said insanity with a decent strip...but....


Bec and Kawl take the cover which means I by blog law need to write again about them. So yeah theres this shit which is basically wicker man except Bec is being sacrificed to a slug god and some shit...

Kawl is teamed with a vaguely offensive french stereotype bug killer and they plan to do battle with the slug god and save bec and the noodles in my head are exploding nuse!

whooop niiidhh ooosppfjhhso oooruiuhsdfjldf



Monday, 11 June 2012

1353: Collared and Cuffed

Strontium dog returns and this time Johnny Alpha and Wulf stern hammer have a very unwelcome tag along on their attempt to claim the bounty of the sinister unrighteous brothers.

Meet Orville P Paxman the taxman. He is on Johnnys ass for unpaid taxes which stretch back as far as the bounty hunters Starlord days and he will go to any means necessary to collect those taxes…to the point of handcuffing himself to Alpha and swallowing the key.

So now Alpha hunts evil villains with a damn taxman strapped to his wrist. Hilarity and much death and explosions ensue…

Also want to see what happens to Jack Bauer when he finally snapped…

Then you can by winning Phone Booth in this prog!

Next time: Bato loco and possibly the worst strip in the megs history…and that’s saying something…

Friday, 8 June 2012

1350: Resolving That Cliffhanger!

It’s a relaunch prog again and three double sized stories start off in this prog. The Dredd story and strontium dog will be covered in future installments but today we are looking at the return of Slaine!

Previously on Slaine the evil demon moloch was given clemency by the council and then proceeds to backstab them by raping and killing Slaines wife Niamph. Slaine is understandably pissed and decides to dump the comedy sidekick ukko and go after the evil bastard on his own. They fight and the two end up spiraling off a cliff to a certain fiery doom…

So how does Slaine get out of this cliffhanger….he sticks his axe into the cliff the kicks the hell out of Moloch and feeds him to an elder god…

But not before getting plot from the demon and then he heads off into his new quest to stop a second invasion of the fomorians.

Proper Pat Mills mentalness in this story and while the out of the cliffhanger is a bit…lame the story itself is great and I look forward to experiencing this story again.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

207: Femme Fatale

What a lovely pulpy cover for this issue heralding a new story from the wonderful John Wagner in which justice department orders a full shakedown on an entire block. A crime ridden hellhole. The story focuses on various inhabitants of the block trying their hardest to remove incriminating evidence before the judges barge in.

Oh and the angel of death is stalking the same block. Oola blint is a recurring villian who is a nice person who genuinely believes that killing people is a good thing. Allowing them to pass on away from the madness of the mega city. The episode in this issue actually ends with Dredd ending up inside the same elevator as her and her long suffering husband Homer…

Also Ending this issue however is Family a superhero story with no real heroes. Instead its more like the godfather except the two families have powers. It is a fine story when read all in one. However two major issues let this tale down in its original printed run.

The first is the tale is badly wounded due to the monthly run of the meg. If this story ran in the prog it would be much easier to follow weekly instead of monthly. The other problem is Simon Frasers art. No I am not going to rag on him again. I feel bad enough as it is with my first Too cool to kill entry which ragged on him.

No it’s the mash of no colour plus characters wearing similar suits and hats fighting each other is the problem of this story. If this was in colour and in a weekly comic this would be an instant classic. As it is now its just good and that’s a shame…

Monday, 4 June 2012

1343: Alien Nation

So earth is a penal colony for alien convicts…who knew?

This is interceptor one of those stories which show up from time to time which tells a complete story. It is the story of a former combat Lyra Darius who worked in a hospital on a very bizarre day. First off a gunshot victim is brought in and hands her a strange orb. Suddenly she sees the world as it is.

She barely has time to absorb this new info when an old granny and a Japanese girl in a sailor uniform try to kill her. They are aliens working for a mysterious being who wants the orb for himself.

She phones her boyfriend who tells her to come over to him and…he is an alien and the big bad to boot. She is saved by two agents and well things get even odder after that.


Very weird story…

Friday, 25 May 2012

1342: Rock Lobster

Two series focusing on villains this time round and lets start off with the return of Armon Gill the human cockroach himself or as he referred to himself as The chief judges man. Armon committed sanctioned murders on behalf of Chief Judge Hershey…or so he believed. In truth he was unknowingly working for Judge Declerk who had ran a scan like this several times.

He is currently being held in a correction facility in the cursed earth under the gaze of former psu head Judge Edgar…who has issues herself with judge Dredd.

Believed abandoned by Hershey Gill makes a break for it and aims his sights on the chief judge herself…

Meanwhile meet lobster Random. A torturer for hire who has a fetish for robots and lobster claws surgically stitched to his body. As our story begins he has been captured and is being prepared to be boiled…

Luckily he is saved by a group who wish for his help in torturing someone for a big score. Words cannot express how bonkers this series is and how much I love it…


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

1339: Eater of the dead!

Caballistics Inc are in the middle of their latest case Chasing two escaped demons who feast on the bodies of the dead. They split up one half heading to a graveyard and the other.

The two groups bond a bit as both Jenny and brand ask chapter an verse their two mostly commly asked questions. Being…

Are they married?

Are their names their real names?

The answer to both of course is no although there was that time after defeating a jaguar cult involving lots of booze…

Yep business as usual with the group although it does end with another one of the group let in on Jennys secret…

Next The Lobster cometh….

Monday, 21 May 2012

206: They don't like it up'em!

Monkey on my back ends with Cannon fodder judge chambers dying to stop the mutant. Fifty seven judges died during the mutant incident and ceremonies were held for them all the narration helpfully says that Dredd himself went to just Chambers…

Tell me…does this sound like the hard bastard we all know and love? Nope Ennis bullshit right here folks.

Meanwhile cover star Devlin Waugh continues in the story which never ends. Devilins group are still taking Lilith to the Helsing institute. The group are still being chased by vampires. They still want to bleed daywalker Lilith in order to steal her ability to stay alive….

Wash, rinse and repeat…

Ugh…this goes on for a year and you know what the payoff is? Devlin Waugh becomes a daywalker….thats it!


Monday, 7 May 2012

1338: Sudden Impact

Snow tiger takes the cover with a truly groan inducing pun on the front.

Snow is a cautious british intelligence agency. Tiger is an ex us navy seal who belive in dashing in head first…they fight crime!

They fight to find an ebola virus which has been stolen by neo Nazis…and I don’t really care. Yeah these modern things which became Diggles bread and butter is not really my thing and for this to be his send off of 2000ad is a bit of a shame.

Flashforward to now where Diggle has made a return to 2000ad and the magazine. He wrote a special rogue trooper for the 35 anniversary prog. He is currently writing snapshot with his constant collaborator Jock for the magazine and we are promised more lenny zero finally after a long absence.

Also of note this prog is a hilarious Dredd one off which features the premier of an opera based on the life of Judge Cal. The judges are not happy, Dredd is pissed off and a group called the eurotrash extermination corps are targeting the opera as well.

The terrorist group manage to get the corpulent opera singing star to eat a bomb and the show is brought to its final curtain call as it explodes at the end of the show

A Gordon Rennie classic!

Next: This is the Waugh that never ends…it just goes on and on my friends…

Friday, 4 May 2012

1337: Under Fire

The Abc warriors are back and they are drawn by Carlos ezquerra!


Yep huzzah unlike their trouble filled last outing this is really good and a return to the fun isanity of the early days. The (new) president of mars tires of the warriors and decides to form his own group of shadow warriors. Their mission is to destroy the abcs.

Elsewhere the trial of Orlok concludes with the assassin trying to escape his captors but fails and is killed by lethal injection. At the time this came out I was hoping for some kind of swerve. This felt like a lame way to kill off one of the most dangerous threats megacity one ever faced.

But no swerve ever came even as the sovs tried yet again for vengeance in the current day of chaos epic Orlok has not returned…

Thus ended one of the most dangerous of Dredds villains not even the pussification of the character in Alan grants hands could stop him from being a vile villain

Next Diggles last story…

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

1335: All Rise for the Judge!

Theres nothing quite like a…holy crap Orloks on trial!!!

Yes at last the bastard is going on trial and not before time too. The guy has caused a lot of damage to the big Meg and the world of dredd at large and apart from a few Anderson stories I would rather not talk about he has been pretty much portrayed as a complete prick!

Now it’s his time to face the stand for what he done during the recent sin city arc

And look at that cover…they got Bolland to do a cover for the trial. Its lovely ain’t it?

There was other stories in this prog of course but they will be covered in due time. In fact the very next entry has one of those stories…

Friday, 27 April 2012

1335: Last man standing

Note: This episode shipped with an alternate cover. The cover at the top is the one I ended up with but for fairness I included the varient at the bottom. So enjoy both. And you may have noticed but since I have returned from my absense I have been using covers from the Barney database. To see them full on and gets loads of tooth info check this link!

Three stories, three endings. We’ll skip Atavar due to me not knowing what the fuck is going on and instead focus on the ending of Dredd: Incubus and The V.Cs. V.Cs ends with a cliffhanger as the team is caught in a blast with their fate unknown. I really enjoyed the twisty turn nature of this book in the series. For the first few episodes it was revealed that Smith survived the crash and the team died apart from friendly geek Keege. Meanwhile it was revealed that the team survived and smith was missing. It of course turned out that Smith was captured by the enemy and tortured to find out secrets. Dredd finally ends the crossover and surprisingly Judge Female Fodder survives. The alien menace is defeated by sending wave after wave of decommissioned Mechanismo judges (think robot judge) while Dredds children (yeah…) are birthed then incinerated by the judge who then quips. The end. Thank god for that. Next issue is a relaunch prog and features the long awaited trial of one of Judge dredds more nastier foes.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

205: Street Bash kid

Ah my boy Young Middenface is back and begins a run of stories which explores the origins of the strontium dog universe from the point of view of Scotland. Beyond the impossible as it may sound Scotland is worse in the future than it is at the moment.

Kreelmans kreelers is on the march targeting mutants everywhere. Middenface and bonny Charlie prince are on the run after their epic escape from prison in the previous story and they both join the mutant anti kreelman resistence.

Thrill power overload ends its run in the meg. Two follow up series focusing on Battle and the meg itself would follow yet while both interesting in their own right never did quite top the original series. TPO eventually became an updated and revised book which is still available. While many creators still refused to be interviewed and thus opinions are not exactly fully formed it is still well worth a read.

Friday, 13 April 2012

1333: Respect the badge, obey the law, read the comic creep!

Judge dredd pulls the rug out from under us as the true mastermind of the never ending Aliens crossover is revealed to be Mr Bones from Out of the Under city which appeared in prog 1313!

His entire scheme is bluh, bluh I am ugly all the nice looking people must die. Sic them my alien blooded pets! He uses pheromones to keep them off his ugly ass and he has Dredd and Female Fodder Judge all ready to be implanted with Aliens.

Of course things go bad for bones as Dredd smashes the pheromone and its chomping time on the asshole!

More on this story and my final thoughts in a few entries time!

Oh and in Bec and Kawl the villain is revealed to be a thinly veiled Bill Gates Expy and our heroes channel the power of Steve Jobs…

God I hate Bec and Kawl so much…

Monday, 9 April 2012

1332: Raising Hell

Something evil stalks the team at their brand new HQ! But man look at that cover It may be a parody of a movie poster but it could genuinely work as one.

So yeah caballistics inc move into their new head quarters and find out it is being haunted by the spirit of the great beast Alistair cro…Malcolm critchley. The malevolent ghost moves in on the team and unbeknownst to them the secretly possessed Jenny takes the ghost out much to the confusion of the rest of the team.

Gordon rennie as usual hits the script out of the park on this series handling an entire team of crazies and making sure to build their characters while keeping the ongoing plotline ticking along. Something he would do well when he does several major dredd storylines later on in the slog.

The artwork by Dom Reardon is minimalistic yet fits the strip magnificently.

Friday, 6 April 2012


Heh, heh, heh, ha!

Okay I admit I WAS going to talk about the cover star Atavars return this episode but then I remembered what else was in this issue...

heh hrh hah ha!

man…I do not need to write anything this episode…all I need to do is post two images… hate world of warcrap with all my venom but even I need to acknowledge greatness…

Oh wondering how that ended? Turns out the gold they are going to steal ends up being in the hands of a guy who boils thieves in liquid gold. They end up surrounded by gold and statues...

next time your usual slice of slog!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Meg 204: Be very afriad

Garth Ennis is back!

Way back when I first began writing these entries I spoke of Helter skelter. Or as I referred to it, Garths 2000ad Masturbation fantasy. Well he’s back again although I do wonder what they bribed him with this time?

Anyway we are in the past or more specifically round about the beginnings of Dredds time in 2000ad. Chief Judge Goodman is still alive and so is that evil psychotic shitbag Cal.

The story goes that Goodman is taken over by this bizarre creature that latches onto his back and makes him do terrible things including taking down Dredd. Continuity? ENNIS laughs at your feeble ideas of continuity.

Also bringing to mind the early days of this blog Juliet November has been having her own solo series and while it started off as “Oh I have this date, oh I hope my fire powers don’t cause hijinxs!” it got dark very quick and very fast. Their dinner date is hijacked by a family who proceeds to beat her date to death thinking he is a judge spy.

Horrified that her date did this to protect her she goes apeshit and burns first the family and then the entire audience after they turn on her believing her to be a mutant. Dredd has to arrest her and the story ends with her locked in a special psi cube and one of her hands burnt.

Bit of a downer to end this entry really…


Fear the atavar!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

1329: The Geeks of Wrath

Note: An April first prank was planned yesterday when I praised Bec and Kawl for two paragraphs. Unfortunately it got lost when my laptop failed to save no April fool gag sorry...back to your regularly scheduled slog...

And there’s a small gathering of the panels on pages message boards…

Don’t kill me guys I kid!

No this is Bec and Kawl and this time they are ripping off something which dates the story even more. Yes its time for the matrix to be ripped a new one!

So see those stereotypes on the cover? Aside from Norm (who is a semi regular cast member) they only exist for one joke and then more or less disappear for the rest of the story…god I fucking hate bec and kawl. I know 2000ad is an anthology and the comedy strip is a staple of the comic but for fucks sake if you want to do comedy actually have fucking comedy in it!

God I need something else to read in this issue. It pisses me off so much…okay what to read…wait…


Who commissions this shit?

Next Time

Back to the meg

Thursday, 22 March 2012

1328: One Mean Mother

Arr me mateys

Hoist up the flag and set sail as the current seafaring saga in the ongoing Nikolai Dante narrative ends. Captured by Sagawa and her black dragons, Dante is forced to join his pirate mother’s crew or the two children he saved from the batshit insane Kraken will be killed!

I have to admit as much as I love Nikolai Dante reading this storyline back when it first came out was an utter drag. It was a pain watching Dante deal with an almost new cast after dealing so long with the prick Vladimir and Jena for so long. Luckily that changed slightly next time the series returned…

It is ironic looking back on this series even as it nears its bloody end in the current time of me typing this. In particular the fates of most of this cast in this story…

Bec and Kawl also return in this issue but…we’ll deal with that mess next time around.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The vcs have returned and are in a shit load of trouble as Smith crawls from the wreck of the ship and appears to be the only survivor of the crash….more on this in a future entry…

Lets talk about a rather cool one off terror tale called the statue garden in which one mans curiosity as to how this new artist is creating her rather life like statues finds out to his horror and cost. He tells the story to another man who is poised to pull the same stunt and tries to warn him off the idea.

It is stunningly drawn by Dom reardon and while the ending can be seen (no pun intended) from miles away it is still a nice little story

Friday, 16 March 2012


Last issue the very silly sinister dexter story ended leaving space for the game changing double length finale of Slaine.

Last issue the demon moloch was granted his freedom in exchange for never bothering the celts again. He being an evil duplicitous bastard of course backstabbed them and returned to murder and rape slaines wife Niamh.

Now slaine abandons his dwarf ukko who has been the comedic relief to this point and goes after Moloch…and as the cover states VENGEANCE SHALL BE HIS!

He catches up to Moloch and the demon wants to run from the battle but slaine is having none of it he is almost suicidal in his determination in killing the bastard and they both plummet off a cliff apparently about to end up in fires below…

Yeah not a fan of Slaine but man I loved this story first time around and doubly enjoy it more rereading it for this slog.