Sunday, 1 February 2009

The bell tolls for whom?!? in which David hammers in the nails of titans dc reprint coffin

I believe that the UK reprints of Both batman and superman are coming to an untimely end soon....

Its kind of tragic to think that way but Titan have had it coming to them for a good while now. Seriously a freaking monkey could run a reprint better than Titan could. From the bizarre choice of printing up to date stories (in the case of several such as all star goddamn batman, all star superman and the superman confidential kryptonite story a little too up to date)

I mean look at the cover above we are on part three of R.I.P part three!!!!

incidentally its the contents of this issues batman legends which has convinced me that the comic is ending soon. Last issue we were promised part three of R.I.P and parts 1 of both the R.I.P robin tie in and the heart of hush storyline (see too soon) However that particular story never appeared this issue and instead we got both parts of the robin story instead.And next issue has two parts of r.i.p and the jla final crisis tie in for no reason whatsoever (nail)

Superman legends seems to be having a story clear out in their next issue out in February (yes titan went to a bi monthly schedule with their two books more on that nail in a moment) With the end of superman and the legion of superheroes and what I am guessing are the two concluding parts of the third kryptonian (which makes bugger all sense in the context of superman legends as the actual story in which the auctioneer showed up was never reprinted in its pages another nail folks)

As mentioned above titan went to a bi monthly schedule with their two titles slowing things down to a grinding halt. Now call me insane but I do believe that flooding the shops with four reprint titles in secession is not the greatest idea in the world. First was batman, then superman followed then justice league (which I will talk about in a future post ohhh boy did that title have problems of its own) and finally dc comics presents....

Justice league and dc comics presents were cancelled fairly quickly but both batman and superman managed to hang on despite a minor controversy involving Titan stupidly putting goddamn batman (and the general violence)into what they were marketing as a kids comic (I know if a Jli era bwah-ha-ha was needed it would be now right?)

So all we can pray as the nails are finally hammered into titans bloated coffin is that Panini buy back the license and we get a good batman comic like the old days...

Special thanks to the panini forums cover image database for the covers

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