Monday, 5 July 2010

1212: Smoking Joe: 27/9/00

Sorry for the long delay Loads of other things I had to do but I'm back and will try to update the slog whenever I can!

Again sorry for the lateness!

There's nothing Like a promo prog!

Three bumper length stories begin this prog and I will be covering both Vanguard and Deadlock in later slogs. The other Story is a very cool Judge Dredd story called generation killer....

The story features a promising new villian (who sadly appears only in this story) a Mega-citizen panics when his wife tells him that she's expecting, because of what he thinks is a family curse. It turns out that all his ancestors died right after the birth of their first child. This is because thousands of years from now one of their descendants commits some atrocity or other. the legal system decides that his crime is so great that all of his ancestors have to be punished as well!

A time-travelling future Judge (the generation killer of the title) is sent back in time to execute everybody in the line as soon as their first kid is born

A genuinly clever little story and as mentioned above it is a shame the generation killer never returned after this one story.

Next slog: Nikolai Dante gives a big sloppy kiss to Britania!

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