Sunday, 26 June 2011

1250: FEATURING JUDGE DREDD (yeah no tag line)

There’s nothing like a relaunch prog and this is a particularly strong one this time!

Four new stories begin with a fifth next prog. But today we shall focus on just one of them. Helter Skelter Garth Ennis first 2000ad story in god knows how long. See our man Garth who nowadays writes very grotty superhero parodies and has in the past wrote about a preacher who cusses and shags a lot and has a best pal vampire has returned to the place where he began.
Well okay he was bribed to return. See the rights to some of his early crisis stuff were available and the boys at rebellion decided to hand them over to him for at least two stories from him. One is Monkey on my back and is covered in a later slog entry and the other is this…mess.

Darien Kenzie is on the run after a experiment in dimensional travel has gone horrifically wrong. She is attacked by both Geeks from old 2000ad strip the V.Cs and then by Judges who have no qualms about killing innocents and have targeted her and only Judge dredd can help her by blowing the judges away and quoting the terminator.

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