Wednesday, 9 June 2010

1208: kiss my butt! 30/8/00

Sorry for the disappearance. Been feeling ill the past few days and needed a serious rest. But I'm back now and got some major news in the next post above this. So enjoy this slice of nostalgia and then look above for the first ever Dead'll do competition...

So yeah mean machine is back in the house and he is not alone...

Turned out quite nice again features several short stories set in the quite nice bar which tie up together...what are these stories?

So while escaping from Dredd, Mean runs into Walter and Mrs. Gunderson who are in the bar at the same time as one of Mrs G’s judge deaths goes crazy. The bomb goes off flooding the bar and killing both urban terror and randy (the judge death impersonator) die from the flooding.

If this sounds chaotic it truly is….

Elsewhere Steve moores return to 2000ad continues with a future shock (unmemorable apart from the first 2000ad work of boo cook) and a future shock expanded to several parts called road kill.

Road kill is about a man called Guy Newman whose new fully automated car tries to kill him….

If this was a single future shock I think I may have enjoyed it but as a multi part story this truly smells of filler and not very good filler either.

Yeah short entry today, sorry about that I’m still recovering from rain induced flu and my head is feeling a wee bit light as I type this.

Don’t forget the competition folks it’s a good one!

Next prog slog: Frazer Irving returns with a future shocked cover!


  1. Didn't Dan Abnett write Roadkill? I seem to recall in a Richard Elson interview that it was one of their first collaborations...

  2. and I stand corrected it is indeed Dan abnett. Man my head must be out of it to make that mistake.