Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The first ever Dead'll do competition!

Yesh folks I've got some doubler 2000ad gns to give away and I thought it would be cool to give them to actual fans...

but I didn't want to make it too easy....

so here is the first ever dead'll do (I have too many doubler gns!) competition.

To enter all you need to do is either in the comments section of this post or on the link at the end of this post Tell me in 100 words or more your favourite moment of 2000ad or the meg from the period of time covered in this slog!

you have until AUGUST 1ST to enter this competition

good luck there are some fantastic gns that I am giving away!,28763.0.html


  1. That's going to be tricky - I missed all the issues you've covered so far!

    But if you want all-time favorites - The climax of Strontium Dog : Rage. For a year the comic has followed the story of Johnny's revenge on Bubba for the murder of Wulf Sternhammer, and the methodical way Johnny picks off Bubba's gang one by one... and then finishes with one last twist of the knife, Bubba on his knees, BEGGING, broken

    "Why? What you DOING this?"

    "Because I hate you" BLAM

  2. Sorry Drhoz, that's the period before the time covered by this slog. Great moment to be sure, but Dave's looking for moments bewteen 1189 and the present day.

    Personally, my vote is for the panel from Amerika where an older, greyer Dante is looking at a poster of himself from his swashbuckling, "dynastic embarrassment" days. In one panel Morrisson and Fraser really underscored what a transformation he'd been through, from the change in colour of his coat and hair to the heavier demeanour. Absolutely superb.


  3. I didn’t read 2000 ad during this period but I’ve read various collections. The best thing I’ve read by a mile was Pat Mill and Charlie Adlard'’s updating of Bill Savage, ‘Invasion : Taking Liberties.

    This was the best political graphic story I’ve ever read, even eclipsing my previous favourite, ‘V for Vendetta’ and pisses over Orwell's 1984

    Pat Mills seems to alternate between hackwork and stuff he cares about and Invasion is definitely the latter. I love comic books but for obvious reasons they’re often more concerned with American themes than British ones so even now it seems odd to read stories which reflect the British experiences. I think it gave me a more vivid sense of what it must be like to live in an occupied country than anything else I’ve seen but wasn’t just a lecture because it was (and continues to be) a great story too. There were laugh-out-loud funny bits, genuinely shocking bits, good characterisation and an elegantly understated air to bits of it, (so you could still give it to a 13 year old, which isn’t always true of more recent 2000 ad stuff) which reminded me of 70s comics without being in any way nostalgic. The art by Charlie Adlard was also great, and much improved for being in black and while.
    Definitely comfortably up there with Zenith, Halo Jones, Bix Barton and The Apocalypse War...