Sunday, 24 April 2011

prog 1223: Blue Murder

From the pages of Mercy heights comes Tor Cyan. Originally, an ambulance driver on Mercy heights He bore a strange resemblance to Rogue trooper and ended up with a much larger role in the sequel. Tor got a one off story in prog 2000 which had him visit the original planet of Rogues adventures Nu earth and now he gets a spin off as he crashes on a planet at war!

And it’s boring oh so very boring…

Admittedly, I was never a fan of Rogue trooper but even that had its charm. This is just dull really dull. I hope my memory is just lazy and it gets better as it goes on but for now…

Meanwhile in Dredd Ian Gibson draws a typically fun episode where an (as usual due to Gibson’s art) Hot woman asks Dredd to help her boyfriend Joe who is planning to commit euthanasia. She is in such a rush to save him she breaks speed laws and is fined and given a warning from Dredd.

When she spots her boyfriend, she speeds again. Dredd catches up to them and gives a damn awesome speech in order to change Joes mind. He then promptly arrests the girlfriend for speeding the second time.

Dredd is tough but fair he helps one person but never forgets the law. The girlfriend may be well intentioned but crimes a crime…

Next Prog slog: the call comes out to Ex Harry Ex!

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