Friday, 29 April 2011

1226: Zombie hell!

So necronauts one of the greatest…Nah kidding it is a good cover though isn’t it? Do not worry Sloggers I will be covering Necronauts during its final episode.

Today let’s talk about Calvin and Hobbs…sorry Kelvin and Hobbit. Yes, Judge Dredd does one of its regular parodies of existing characters and of course, this time it’s a young boy and his imaginary friend. A gang plans a heist and one of those perps has to baby-sit his young son at the same time. The young boy Kelvin pretends he is a tiger and bites the leg of one of the perps. His father throws him into his room where his imaginary tiger friend Hobbit visits him…

Holy crap the tigers killed all the perps. Dredd is called in and has to fight the suddenly very real tiger. He hi-exes the tiger and it turns into a toy tiger. Turns out Kelvin has latent psychic powers, which created the imaginary creature for both someone to look after him and someone to wreak his murderous revenge.

As Kelvin is scheduled for a lobotomy his cell is torn apart and Hobbit frees his young friend to have new adventures or (more likely) go on an unpublished killing spree.

A nice fun and slightly horrifying take on a classic comic.

Next Slog: Sinister Dexter vs. the porn industry

Note: Yes this was originally supposed to be an april fool slog entry when I thought I was continuing in March...

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