Monday, 16 January 2012

1322: The enemy within

It’s the most pointless crossover ever and that’s saying something! Yes its judge dredd vs. those acid blooded bastards from those films that people other than me seem to like. Yep its judge dredd vs. aliens. Yep Dredd had already faced those dredd (heh) locked bastard in Dredd vs. predator…it was inevitable that shit like this would happen.

Jointly written by John Wagner and Andy diggle and drawn by the wonderful Henry flint. It has Dredd, new judge Sanchez and a whole gaggle of cannon fod…pest control operatives as they face off against a swarm of aliens.

The next phase of Dantes saga begins proper after the prologue set in the past last prog. After his betrayal by his ongoing rival the countess he is adrift at sea. He comes across a ship under attack by the feared pirate the kraken and pretty much does what he does best.

I love Nikolai Dante but even I felt this saga…dragged a bit during its original publication but it works in trades…it really does.

Next time pat mills unleashes the black siddah on us all!

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