Friday, 20 January 2012

1323: Moloch

Underneath a very creepy cover featuring chief asshole Molochs face the war against the fomorans heats in this progs episode of Slaine. Slaine faces off against balor a foe he has been in some way been fighting against since slaine the king and kills him. Yes actually kills one of his oldest foes and if that wasn’t shocking enough…ah but we will wait a few entries time before revealing that…

Meanwhile in today episode of doctor wh…err I mean caballistics inc. Brigadier Lethbridge stewart sends the slowly forming team into the London underground system to fight ye…demons.

Meanwhile Ravne begins to look even shiftier (no mean feat as we first saw him in a bath of blood) and Jenny is looking more useless by the page.

Yeah all the references in this series are damn blatant but my god do I love it for that. Cabs is one of my fave stories of this period and still holds a place in my heart

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