Monday, 21 May 2012

206: They don't like it up'em!

Monkey on my back ends with Cannon fodder judge chambers dying to stop the mutant. Fifty seven judges died during the mutant incident and ceremonies were held for them all the narration helpfully says that Dredd himself went to just Chambers…

Tell me…does this sound like the hard bastard we all know and love? Nope Ennis bullshit right here folks.

Meanwhile cover star Devlin Waugh continues in the story which never ends. Devilins group are still taking Lilith to the Helsing institute. The group are still being chased by vampires. They still want to bleed daywalker Lilith in order to steal her ability to stay alive….

Wash, rinse and repeat…

Ugh…this goes on for a year and you know what the payoff is? Devlin Waugh becomes a daywalker….thats it!


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