Friday, 25 May 2012

1342: Rock Lobster

Two series focusing on villains this time round and lets start off with the return of Armon Gill the human cockroach himself or as he referred to himself as The chief judges man. Armon committed sanctioned murders on behalf of Chief Judge Hershey…or so he believed. In truth he was unknowingly working for Judge Declerk who had ran a scan like this several times.

He is currently being held in a correction facility in the cursed earth under the gaze of former psu head Judge Edgar…who has issues herself with judge Dredd.

Believed abandoned by Hershey Gill makes a break for it and aims his sights on the chief judge herself…

Meanwhile meet lobster Random. A torturer for hire who has a fetish for robots and lobster claws surgically stitched to his body. As our story begins he has been captured and is being prepared to be boiled…

Luckily he is saved by a group who wish for his help in torturing someone for a big score. Words cannot express how bonkers this series is and how much I love it…


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