Tuesday, 5 March 2013

1363, 22nd October, 2003: In the line of fire

And lo our Saviour cometh....
Welcome my friends to the slog that never ends and we last left our great journey in a truly grim period which featured four awful strips. This time we have four awful strips and a really good one this time as Caballistics inc returns.
Sorta fitting in with the semi theme of this autumn attack the series begins its downtime slot by focusing on sassy velma dinklyalike Hannah chapter as she plots to kill an old friend who done her wrong unaware that a group of people under the employ of the mysterious old man seen at the end of the previous story are spying on both her and the rest of the group. As this short series goes on we get an interesting and tantalising glimpse into the lives of the other members culminating in a large scale attack in prog 2004
I will not lie...I really like Hannah...I dunno what it is I guess I just like fictional girls who wear glasses and could likely kick my ass.
next time....
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