Saturday, 14 September 2013

State of the slog Adress no good news chums I promise


My computer really hates me. It seems to be conspiring me from either continuing the slog or my Nikolai Dante articles. Well no more let us continue this slog....with one difference.

I am dropping the Megazine from the slog....not out of malice mind you though Repo-Mex....god damn repo-mex....however someone more competent at writing than me is tackling them at his own blog.

So if you want your meg fix from a better writer than me check out Simeon Brewers blog at the link is really good and does the meg more justice than I can.

I will however continue to do the prog as well as the extreme editions and maybe the floppies from the meg just as an excuse to talk about older tales.

See you all soon as we continue through the dark times....

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