Sunday, 16 January 2011

coming up!

Tomorrow will be the final part of the prog 2001 slog entry covering the final three thrills

after that the slog and this blog will be back on track with the following

Monday: Slog entry

Tuesday: Random madness (whatever is bothering me on that day

Wednesday: Slog entry

Thursday: What David read/It came from the filing cabinet (see below for explanation)

Friday: Slog entry

Saturday: it came from the filing cabinet/The Radge

Sunday: Day off

So yeah the new things

What David reads will be my fortnightly look into the american crap I collect I did a few of them before

Take its place during a comicless week ie this week coming is...

It came from the filing cabinet in which I take a random non 2000ad comic and review it slog style. This week will be Megazine vol 4.1 which would never be covered in the slog otherwise other weeks will include a lot of american stuff and some crisis and even cunt...sorry clint

and speaking of clints...

sharing the cabinets space on alternate saturdays is

The Radge: He hates comics and with good reason he is here to rip into the crap and will even set some sacred cows alight...

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