Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Maximum thrill power: Prog 2001 part 2

In the year 2010 David page embarked on a crazy mission to read every issue of 2000ad and the megazine which he owns. Losing a computer to virus he had to stop for a while but now he returns and begins his plunge into a very controversial era…
This is the Prog slog…

Welcome back to part two of the slogs progress into the greatness known as prog 2001. A time before the end prog became stagnant and just an excuse for Tharg to take a three week holiday in his timeshare flat on Mars.

Today we will be focusing on two classic characters making a very special return

First off Grant Morrison and Steve yeowell take Zenith on a comeback tour as we find out what happened to him and his other surviving supporting cast in ZZZ.ZENITH.COM

Britney spears has been raped by a superhuman but Zenith doesn’t care about that all he cares about is his new reality TV show (like dredd and the celebrity big brother prediction in part 1 this was before every wannabe got their own show) He meets with Peter saint john who reveals that he has been in control of every PM since he left parliament including the infamous piss taking of Tony Blair before he truly became a hate figure.

A less welcome return in my opinion anyway was Bad company a truly classic thrill and one of my all time favourites. But it was clear the creators hearts were not in it this time. Kano finds a piece of the planet Arrarat and is then haunted by Danny Franks. Kano decides to go on one final mission to put Danny out of his misery…

Wish they did that with the strip instead…but worse was to come a year later…oh boy was it ever…

Never had a coming soon ever sounded like a threat

Next prog slog: Sinister Dexter count bullets Tharg deals with a thrill power overload and a novel use for a sex toy in strontium dog as the look at prog 2001 concludes

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