Monday, 3 January 2011

Maximum thrill power: Prog 2001 part 1

In the year 2010 David page embarked on a crazy mission to read every issue of 2000ad and the megazine which he owns. Losing a computer to virus he had to stop for a while but now he returns and begins his plunge into a very controversial era…

This is the Prog slog…

In the present as I type this we have just past prog 2011 the latest in a diminishing line of “special progs” which began as a celebration of all that is great about the prog. luring talent long gone to feature classic characters (this tradition kept alive at least by the surprising return of Gerry Finley day to write Rogue trooper)

I have to be honest aside from the as always fab SHAKARA, the already mentioned Rogue trooper and Max Winwoods badass pimp coat I did not like this years end prog

But let’s not speak of this year let’s hop in our tardis and look back at prog 2001!

Under a particularly demonic looking tharg cover by the Flint droid which handily lists all the contents of this issue.

A note: I’m not covering Nikolai Dante’s amusing story as I’ve over covered his adventures last year. I will also not be covering Necronauts or Button man as I will cover them in later slog entries…

Judge Dredd ends up trapped inside the bad mother house…

Dredd ends his year In a story which believe it or not predicted the celebrity version of the show it parodied by a few years.

A group of thinly veiled parodies of celebrities of the time are captured and forced to participate in bad mother. Similar to a certain reality show which closed it’s doors for the final time. It’s hook? You can vote for which celeb you want dead!

Surprisingly most of the celebs are still recognisable today (except for Lolly pophead was she supposed to be Billie “pre who” piper?)

Dredd investigates and also ends up in the house. There he hatches a daring plan to act like a prick so he can take on the sinister bad mother droid himself!

Next slog: A not so thinly veiled celeb is raped and an old soldier plans a final death for a friend as two classic stories return…

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