Friday, 6 May 2011

1228: The Joy of Dex

Sinister Dexter get a contract to whack (heh) a porn star called buster cherry in their latest two parter called Money Shots. They are trying oh so very hard to ignore all the lesbian antics and porn scenes filmed around them but considering it is an Andy Clark drawn strip (heh) I can understand their pain. So they finally catch up to their man and find out the truth. Buster has been doing these films for so long that he is no longer aroused at all the sight of the Clark drawn females. He hired the gun sharks to attack him hoping to get a thrill and it worked…Too well as what you think happens to Poor Buster happens…

Yeah a very silly story, which exists only for Andy Clark to draw hot women…not that I, am complaining of course.

Oh and World of warcrap returns…

Next Prog Slog: Necronauts for reals nuff said

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