Saturday, 7 May 2011

1230: Feeding time!

In the year of our lord Nineteen twenty six four figures from this period in time face the terror and the ancient other worldly evil of the old ones. Harry Houdini, H.P Lovecraft, Charles Fort and Arthur Conan Doyle are our only hope and one of them will not survive the battle against the evil of the old ones human servants the illuminati. Guess who when you see the cover which heralds this final part.

Necronauts one of my favourite all time 2000ad series so good I have bought every trade version of this story, which has, came out. Gordon Rennies writing is tense and atmospheric and is ably paired with Fraser Irving who is one of the best artists to come out of the Nerve centre in the past eleven years and the perfect artist for an excellent horror tale such as this.

If you have never read this story, track it down. It is worth it!

Next Prog slog: Mike Careys short stint as a droid

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