Wednesday, 11 May 2011

1236: We all have our Demons...

Mike Carey's short-lived series Carver Hale grabs the cover of this prog. Anyone living under a rock may not know this but Mike Carey is the writer of sandman spin-off Lucifer. The truly astonishingly good Unwritten and one of the major writers in X-men at the moment His turn in 2000ad was short lived due to an exclusive deal he signed with dc to write amongst other things the already mentioned Lucifer.

Our hero of this story is Carver Hale. A criminal who is wiped out by rival crims He is brought back to life and is mixed into some complicated demonic goings on when he discovers those rivals have made deals with demons. He now shares his body with one of these beasties and decides to get revenge on those who killed him.

It is a tragic shame this story was put out to pasture after this one story arc. If there was one single story thrill from this time (and there was a lot) that deserves to be revisited it’s this one. Of course if Carey didn’t take that exclusive we may not have got the unwritten so it is a good sacrifice.

Next slog: ABC WARRIORS oooh boy…

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