Monday, 4 June 2012

1343: Alien Nation

So earth is a penal colony for alien convicts…who knew?

This is interceptor one of those stories which show up from time to time which tells a complete story. It is the story of a former combat Lyra Darius who worked in a hospital on a very bizarre day. First off a gunshot victim is brought in and hands her a strange orb. Suddenly she sees the world as it is.

She barely has time to absorb this new info when an old granny and a Japanese girl in a sailor uniform try to kill her. They are aliens working for a mysterious being who wants the orb for himself.

She phones her boyfriend who tells her to come over to him and…he is an alien and the big bad to boot. She is saved by two agents and well things get even odder after that.


Very weird story…

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