Friday, 8 June 2012

1350: Resolving That Cliffhanger!

It’s a relaunch prog again and three double sized stories start off in this prog. The Dredd story and strontium dog will be covered in future installments but today we are looking at the return of Slaine!

Previously on Slaine the evil demon moloch was given clemency by the council and then proceeds to backstab them by raping and killing Slaines wife Niamph. Slaine is understandably pissed and decides to dump the comedy sidekick ukko and go after the evil bastard on his own. They fight and the two end up spiraling off a cliff to a certain fiery doom…

So how does Slaine get out of this cliffhanger….he sticks his axe into the cliff the kicks the hell out of Moloch and feeds him to an elder god…

But not before getting plot from the demon and then he heads off into his new quest to stop a second invasion of the fomorians.

Proper Pat Mills mentalness in this story and while the out of the cliffhanger is a bit…lame the story itself is great and I look forward to experiencing this story again.

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