Monday, 11 June 2012

1353: Collared and Cuffed

Strontium dog returns and this time Johnny Alpha and Wulf stern hammer have a very unwelcome tag along on their attempt to claim the bounty of the sinister unrighteous brothers.

Meet Orville P Paxman the taxman. He is on Johnnys ass for unpaid taxes which stretch back as far as the bounty hunters Starlord days and he will go to any means necessary to collect those taxes…to the point of handcuffing himself to Alpha and swallowing the key.

So now Alpha hunts evil villains with a damn taxman strapped to his wrist. Hilarity and much death and explosions ensue…

Also want to see what happens to Jack Bauer when he finally snapped…

Then you can by winning Phone Booth in this prog!

Next time: Bato loco and possibly the worst strip in the megs history…and that’s saying something…

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