Wednesday, 6 June 2012

207: Femme Fatale

What a lovely pulpy cover for this issue heralding a new story from the wonderful John Wagner in which justice department orders a full shakedown on an entire block. A crime ridden hellhole. The story focuses on various inhabitants of the block trying their hardest to remove incriminating evidence before the judges barge in.

Oh and the angel of death is stalking the same block. Oola blint is a recurring villian who is a nice person who genuinely believes that killing people is a good thing. Allowing them to pass on away from the madness of the mega city. The episode in this issue actually ends with Dredd ending up inside the same elevator as her and her long suffering husband Homer…

Also Ending this issue however is Family a superhero story with no real heroes. Instead its more like the godfather except the two families have powers. It is a fine story when read all in one. However two major issues let this tale down in its original printed run.

The first is the tale is badly wounded due to the monthly run of the meg. If this story ran in the prog it would be much easier to follow weekly instead of monthly. The other problem is Simon Frasers art. No I am not going to rag on him again. I feel bad enough as it is with my first Too cool to kill entry which ragged on him.

No it’s the mash of no colour plus characters wearing similar suits and hats fighting each other is the problem of this story. If this was in colour and in a weekly comic this would be an instant classic. As it is now its just good and that’s a shame…

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