Thursday, 2 August 2012

1358: adventures in shameless advertising (and the crap covers they spawn)

Just look at that cover….just let it sink in for a moment. This was during the time the rather lackluster Dredd vs. death was coming out and just like many tie ins its rather awful…to show you the full awfulness (and to pad out a short entry heres some other awful tie ins from 2000ads marketing department.

 (In case you thought even the mighty bolland cannot fail heres proof where you are so wrong!)
                       (You just cannot tell they drew the figures as reference in the past two can you?)
                                                    (No not you too Kev....)

Well enough of that nonsense...Anyway lets ignore those covers now and actively despise tharg for such shameless promotion and look at the judge Dredd episode this prog and just marvel at the insanity within and how ironic it is that I cover it...

This…is a Judge Dredd/Nikolai Dante crossover with a heavy referencing to the apocalypse war and the former Sov bloc as a whole. Drawn by Simon Fraser…

I am not even kidding about that…

I…think my brain has just exploded with awesome

Check out the full story of this bizarre episode in Too cool to kill part 15

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