Wednesday, 1 August 2012

209: Road Kill

There’s nothing quite like a….wait WAUGH is still running?!?

Yes Devlin Waugh and the reprints of Darkies mob continue…we okay darkie will be leaving next episode but Waugh will be around until the next relaunch issue!!!!

Okay lets ignore that for now and check out the new stories within these pages. We have cover boy Judge Death returning in a sequal to the infamous “throw Anderson off a roof as punishment for the monkey story” series known as My name is Death. He is now on the loose in the cursed earth and will within the next few months will be built up as a legitima….bwah-ha-ha-ha…sorry can’t keep that up. If the sight of Death on a buggy does not tip you off as to what will come then keep your eyes peeled as I will chronicle the complete ruination of Death….

Elsewhere this issue two new series Xtinct and yet another pilot by Gordon rennie appears in judge dredd. Also returning is a much welcome repeat for harry Twenty on the high rock and a return appearance of the banditti vendetta but we’ll cover those stories in later entries.

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