Wednesday, 8 August 2012

210: Let's go to Wok

Let’s go to Wok…insultingly racist or awesome? You decide! So yeah we are onto part two Gordon Rennies three part “backdoor pilot in disguise” Judge Dredd stories with personally what I thought turned out to be the weakest of the three characters.

Judge Dredd heads to Hong Tong to try to stop a perp running racket and is forced to join forces with peoples justice ministry inspector Liu Chan Yeun better known as Johnny Woo

I do love Johnny’s description of Dredd however as a notorious war criminal and capitalist oppressor assassin. The white ghost called Dredd I got a chuckle out of that due to it being so darn accurate it hurts…

Judge Death Bullshit alert: The guy who famous puts his hand into peoples chest and squeezes their hearts uses a sawn off shotgun…yeah…

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