Saturday, 4 August 2012

Batman: The animated Series: On leather wings

Story:  a half-bat/half-human creature flies past a police blimp, breaks into the fourth floor of Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, and assaults a security guard before stealing assorted chemicals from the laboratories. This is the latest in a series of such break-ins at pharmaceutical companies. The report from the blimp and the wounded security guard leads Detective Harvey Bullock to petition Mayor Hamilton Hill for a special task force designed to eliminate the strange "Batman" that has appeared around the city. Commissioner James Gordon objects, stating that the police are already on the case, but the mayor grants the request and D.A. Harvey Dent promises Bullock immunity. In the days following the Phoenix break-in, Bruce Wayne as Batman investigates the robberies. Gaining entrance to the crime scene by dosing the guarding police officer with knock-out gas, Batman attracts the attention of Bullock, who arrives at the scene with his special force.

Batman, investigating, discovers an audio tape of the creature as well as some hair samples. which he takes to the Bat Exhibit at the Gotham Zoo. There he meets a married couple on staff, Drs. Kirk and Francine Langstrom, and Francine's father, Dr. March. Dr. March seems quite obsessed with bats, which he insists are the only creatures able to survive the next evolutionary cataclysm, while humans aren't.
As Bruce Wayne, Batman asks the zoologists to analyze the evidence from the crime scene, passing it off as a pest problem at Wayne Manor.
In the Batcave, the Bat-Computer has failed to match either the sounds or the hairs with any species known to man. Dr. March calls back and gives a perfectly plausible scientific explanation: the hairs are from a common brown bat, while the sounds are actually a mixture of sounds from the bats and a nest of starlings in the chimney. The only problem is, the explanation is false, given the Bat-Computer's inability to find a match. Batman concludes that March is lying, and the zoo staff are somehow involved.

 Later that night, Batman enters the zoo laboratory and finds Kirk Langstrom working alone. Working from his father-in-law's theories, Kirk has created a formula that temporarily transforms him into the Man-Bat. Kirk has become addicted to the formula, to the point where he thinks of the Man-Bat as its own independent being, taking the necessary steps to continue its existence—i.e., stealing the chemicals necessary to keep making the formula. Now that he has destroyed Batman's evidence, Kirk is only one component away from a formula that will make the transformation permanent—but Batman has interrupted the process.

 Kirk finally transforms and attacks. In the fight, the Man-Bat drags Batman through the sky across half of Gotham. Both of them fly past Gotham Air One, allowing Gordon and Bullock to see that the Man-Bat and Batman were, in fact, two different people. Batman manages to subdue the Man-Bat. Taking him to the Batcave, he analyzes the chemical makeup of the formula and reverses the transformation. He then delivers an unconscious but fully-restored Kirk to his grateful wife.

worth a look?

Its importance as the first ever dcau episode aside its...not exactly good...I mean seeing the beastmaster himself voice Langstrom is good for a laugh and the violence is quite brutal for this show but other than that its not exactly a strong opening to the series...

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