Monday, 6 August 2012

1360: Hell Bound

Leviathan, a ship containing over 28,000 passengers. It’s almost like a huge city rather than a ship. The ship never reached its destination and the whereabouts of the mighty ship is unknown. Which leads us into the story bearing the name of the ship.

Detective sergeant lament (who bares a slight resemblance to David Jason’s character Inspector Frost) investigates ritualistic murders on the ship and finds out the horrible truth of their endless journey. The architect of the ship had bound a demon called Hastur within the bowels of the ship. The demon makes a deal with Lament. Freedom for both of them…

The trapped souls are freed and the ship finally reaches its destination. Almost killing Bert and Ernie expies at the same time.

A wonderful one off storyline which funnily enough continues to have elements of it present in the prog be it several one off tales of Leviathan or several references in other strips such as red seas and Ampney crucis investigates.

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