Wednesday, 26 May 2010

1201: Target Dante: 12/7/00

Missionary man returns to the prog as does Jesus Redondo. Redondo is another one of the "guys from the early days" who returned during this period of the slog. He did a lot of early work but is possibly best remembered as the artist on the one Nemesis storyline that never got reprinted until recently.

Well here he is drawing the aftermath of Preacher Cains search for the Promised Land. While the survivors reached the Promised Land. Cain himself turned round and decided to walk off into the sunset. This story shows what happened next. Cain is dying from severe radiation poisoning when he is attacked by muties. He is saved from this by a mysterious army base and err...I don't know what happened next as I'm missing two issues so if anyone can fill me in on the comments I will be very happy.

This was Preacher Cains last story in the prog. After this he appeared in a one off in a Meg issue that will not be covered here and then in one final story called place of the dead which will be covered here.

Heres some Redondo art...

Meanwhile Nikolai Dantes Tsar Wars continue as Dante and Jena are destined to face each other on the battle field but this issue deals with one of the red shirt irregulars going nuts and a sniper who turned out to a young kid so Dante spared him. As far as I know this character never reappeared. I wonder if he showed up in the mysterious fifth volume of tsar wars that never happened...

more on that another day....

Next prog slog: Sinister/Dexter faces the mysterious beast of bopota wharf...


  1. FYI David, The Jesus Redondo Nemesis Book was reprinted as part of the Eagle comics 7 part colour reprint series during the mid eighties.

  2. Didn't know that I thought it was pretty much unreprinted except for a best of 2000ad issue until the recent gns

  3. It was also reprinted in Titan's 'Death to all Humans' or somesuch, when Titan got the reprint contract the second time round, before Rebellion took over.