Tuesday, 18 May 2010

prog 1191: Scales of justice: 3/5/00

I think he means it don't you readers?

In slow crime day the Judges are getting a bit restless as Mega city one for once is not getting attacked by zombies or Robots or even Robot zombies. Sadly for a Mr. Punk punkley (yeah that’s his name) the judges spot him carrying some fish food and decide to make him their bitch for the day. Poor punkley gets put through the wringer in this story as his home is trashed and one judge even goes as far as to suggest a cavity search. By the time the story ends the bored judges get a call about a fire fight in the city and rush off leaving Dredd to actually apologise to punkley giving him a number to call to fix the mess the judges made and a ticket to the black museum in compensation. The last image of poor Punkley is sad, an innocent citizen sitting in the rubble of his own home because some bored Judges investigated “a hunch”

Item: Steve Moore returns to the prog this issue writing a new series of one offs called tales of telguuth. Steve as Tharg (who is still David bishop at this point despite giving notice on the prog that was Pauls last entry) helpfully points out in this weeks nerve centre wrote the first ever future shock and wrote an early Dan dare adventure. Telguuth was a very weird sword and sorcery Anthology story apparently set on the same planet. I personally found this hard to believe as the planet looked different from episode to episode. What didn’t change from episode to episode was the basic plot. Sorcerers conspire with dozens of powerful demons and were invariably hoist on their own petard after five or fifteen pages Wash, rinse repeat. Sure you may get the odd story about some hero on a quest that encounters a demon and gets hoist on his own petard (ahem) but it was pretty much the same every damn week.

About a year or two after this first episode of telguuth I gave a couple of doublers of 2000ad issues (including this one) to an American friend of mine who was interested in reading this “insane comic that you keep talking about” He liked Dante, He loved Dredd but when it came to Telguuth he had a very funny name for it that I almost named this entry after it but decided not to for taste reasons…..

What was that name I hear you ask?


Next prog slog: Groan its time to talk about the secret commonwealth...

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  1. The Judge who wanted to do the cvity search was named Skerrit, and i think this was his first appearence here. He popped up again a few times over the years and every time he did, he wanted to perform a cavity search!


  2. You missed out the need to slip in a woman with a large breasts odd coloured hair and metal plates over her nipples. Wash rinse repeat.

    Sometimes they were the wizard in question sometimes not - that's how the strip got its variety.

    I'm not the biggest fan of 'Tales Of Telguuth' it became incredibly restricted for a format that really could have been as broad as 'Future Shocks'. Still a step up from Vector 13!

  3. Telguuth did have some fun episodes but yeah it was more miss than hit

  4. "World of Warcrap"... wish I had thought of that!