Thursday, 20 May 2010

David reads comics: A moment of silence please

Warning spoilers for the final episode of Nikolai dante below

In place of the weekly look at my comics (which aside from tooth was both quiet and unremarkable) I have to talk about Nikolai dantes final episode of the heroes be damned story...

Not since the death of the going merry in one piece have I cried man tears for something that isn't even real...

Goodbye crest may you rest in peace you magnificent computer you!

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...


  1. Thanks to the last issue I thought Dimitri had reduced Nikolai to a smoking corpse. I was horrified.

    And I'd never pictured Crest as female, so they shocked me AGAIN this issue!

  2. I kinda knew that was in store for us. Just on first name basis too. Oh, i just read 'female' shocker. I'll have to read all for myself when i get back to uk on tuesday. Hopefully 2 progs waiting for me then.