Thursday, 27 May 2010

1202: Gator bait: 19/7/00

In Feeding Frenzy Sinister/Dexter face a blast from the past as their attempts to protect Billi octavo from a mysterious beastie conclude. Billie has moved into downlode to become the boy’s tech person replacing the sadly dead nervous rex. She has been having some problems moving into her new home thanks to a mysterious creature which has been munching on anyone who has came to her door. Turned out said creature was the robotic crocodile from the gun shark vacation story from a few years back and it was continuing its programming of protecting anyone with the Octavo name.

So yeah another Sinister/dexter story over and done with….

I almost killed myself laughing when I first read this page. I know I ragged on this strip earlier for the steriotyping in the mangapore story but this page killed me...

So thats it for a pretty short entry today. I'll leave you with this awesome image of the Irregulars charging into action from Nikolai dante!

Next prog slog: The proper return of future shocks introducing a very talented artist indeed...

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