Monday, 2 April 2012

1329: The Geeks of Wrath

Note: An April first prank was planned yesterday when I praised Bec and Kawl for two paragraphs. Unfortunately it got lost when my laptop failed to save no April fool gag sorry...back to your regularly scheduled slog...

And there’s a small gathering of the panels on pages message boards…

Don’t kill me guys I kid!

No this is Bec and Kawl and this time they are ripping off something which dates the story even more. Yes its time for the matrix to be ripped a new one!

So see those stereotypes on the cover? Aside from Norm (who is a semi regular cast member) they only exist for one joke and then more or less disappear for the rest of the story…god I fucking hate bec and kawl. I know 2000ad is an anthology and the comedy strip is a staple of the comic but for fucks sake if you want to do comedy actually have fucking comedy in it!

God I need something else to read in this issue. It pisses me off so much…okay what to read…wait…


Who commissions this shit?

Next Time

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