Friday, 13 April 2012

1333: Respect the badge, obey the law, read the comic creep!

Judge dredd pulls the rug out from under us as the true mastermind of the never ending Aliens crossover is revealed to be Mr Bones from Out of the Under city which appeared in prog 1313!

His entire scheme is bluh, bluh I am ugly all the nice looking people must die. Sic them my alien blooded pets! He uses pheromones to keep them off his ugly ass and he has Dredd and Female Fodder Judge all ready to be implanted with Aliens.

Of course things go bad for bones as Dredd smashes the pheromone and its chomping time on the asshole!

More on this story and my final thoughts in a few entries time!

Oh and in Bec and Kawl the villain is revealed to be a thinly veiled Bill Gates Expy and our heroes channel the power of Steve Jobs…

God I hate Bec and Kawl so much…

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