Friday, 27 April 2012

1335: Last man standing

Note: This episode shipped with an alternate cover. The cover at the top is the one I ended up with but for fairness I included the varient at the bottom. So enjoy both. And you may have noticed but since I have returned from my absense I have been using covers from the Barney database. To see them full on and gets loads of tooth info check this link!

Three stories, three endings. We’ll skip Atavar due to me not knowing what the fuck is going on and instead focus on the ending of Dredd: Incubus and The V.Cs. V.Cs ends with a cliffhanger as the team is caught in a blast with their fate unknown. I really enjoyed the twisty turn nature of this book in the series. For the first few episodes it was revealed that Smith survived the crash and the team died apart from friendly geek Keege. Meanwhile it was revealed that the team survived and smith was missing. It of course turned out that Smith was captured by the enemy and tortured to find out secrets. Dredd finally ends the crossover and surprisingly Judge Female Fodder survives. The alien menace is defeated by sending wave after wave of decommissioned Mechanismo judges (think robot judge) while Dredds children (yeah…) are birthed then incinerated by the judge who then quips. The end. Thank god for that. Next issue is a relaunch prog and features the long awaited trial of one of Judge dredds more nastier foes.

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