Monday, 9 April 2012

1332: Raising Hell

Something evil stalks the team at their brand new HQ! But man look at that cover It may be a parody of a movie poster but it could genuinely work as one.

So yeah caballistics inc move into their new head quarters and find out it is being haunted by the spirit of the great beast Alistair cro…Malcolm critchley. The malevolent ghost moves in on the team and unbeknownst to them the secretly possessed Jenny takes the ghost out much to the confusion of the rest of the team.

Gordon rennie as usual hits the script out of the park on this series handling an entire team of crazies and making sure to build their characters while keeping the ongoing plotline ticking along. Something he would do well when he does several major dredd storylines later on in the slog.

The artwork by Dom Reardon is minimalistic yet fits the strip magnificently.

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