Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Meg 204: Be very afriad

Garth Ennis is back!

Way back when I first began writing these entries I spoke of Helter skelter. Or as I referred to it, Garths 2000ad Masturbation fantasy. Well he’s back again although I do wonder what they bribed him with this time?

Anyway we are in the past or more specifically round about the beginnings of Dredds time in 2000ad. Chief Judge Goodman is still alive and so is that evil psychotic shitbag Cal.

The story goes that Goodman is taken over by this bizarre creature that latches onto his back and makes him do terrible things including taking down Dredd. Continuity? ENNIS laughs at your feeble ideas of continuity.

Also bringing to mind the early days of this blog Juliet November has been having her own solo series and while it started off as “Oh I have this date, oh I hope my fire powers don’t cause hijinxs!” it got dark very quick and very fast. Their dinner date is hijacked by a family who proceeds to beat her date to death thinking he is a judge spy.

Horrified that her date did this to protect her she goes apeshit and burns first the family and then the entire audience after they turn on her believing her to be a mutant. Dredd has to arrest her and the story ends with her locked in a special psi cube and one of her hands burnt.

Bit of a downer to end this entry really…


Fear the atavar!!!

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