Wednesday, 18 April 2012

205: Street Bash kid

Ah my boy Young Middenface is back and begins a run of stories which explores the origins of the strontium dog universe from the point of view of Scotland. Beyond the impossible as it may sound Scotland is worse in the future than it is at the moment.

Kreelmans kreelers is on the march targeting mutants everywhere. Middenface and bonny Charlie prince are on the run after their epic escape from prison in the previous story and they both join the mutant anti kreelman resistence.

Thrill power overload ends its run in the meg. Two follow up series focusing on Battle and the meg itself would follow yet while both interesting in their own right never did quite top the original series. TPO eventually became an updated and revised book which is still available. While many creators still refused to be interviewed and thus opinions are not exactly fully formed it is still well worth a read.


  1. A grand total of three people refused to be interviewed for TPO - Alan Moore [very politely], Alan Mackenzie and Richard Burton. A few others I never managed to track down, but I wouldn't call three refusals out of more than 100 interviews conducted for TPO qualifies as 'many creators'.

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

  2. Hmm that sounded a bit ruder in the entry than it should've been I am sorry.